Help, support and shelter for women and children who have experienced domestic violence or are threatened: 

contact 0481 – 6 10 21

In women’s refuges women and their children find help, support and protection after experiencing physical, mental or sexual violence or live at risk of it.

Violence has many faces:

beating, threatening, yelling, locking up, sexual harassment, rape, stalking, forced marriage, to be controlled and watched permanently or not being taken seriously.

Any woman is welcome, no matter what

  • state of health
  • financial situation
  • nationality
  • religion or
  • residence status.

In the refuge, the women organize daily life on their own responsibilities and can stay as long as they consider as necessary.

The staff members are obliged to secrecy.

Support and living in the women’s refuge is free, anonymous and 24/7.

If you have decided to leave and go to the women’s refuge:

First step: call Frauenhaus Dithmarschen (0481 – 6 10 21)

There you will get all necessary information.

Second step: pack your and your children’s suitcases 

  • passport/identity card, children’s ID or any document of identification, birth and marriage certificates
  • residence permit or any other document regarding residence
  • work permit, employment contract, payslips, income tax card
  • cash
  • bank card, credit card, savings book
  • health insurance cards
  • vaccination card
  • medicine 
  • documents regarding unemployment benefit / social welfare, child support 
  • pension documents
  • general insurance documents
  • rental contract
  • driver’s license
  • apartment key
  • mobile
  • clothes, shoes
  • school things
  • favourite toys
  • for the baby: nappies, bottles, buggy etc.

As it might be difficult to achieve important documents later, take as many as possible with you.

Third step: take the suitcase(s), step out of the door and leave

In the women’s refuge you will find support on your way to a self-determined life.